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Korean War Memorial Plaza Contruction
Photos: August 22-29
Clearing Site Bulldozer at Work Excavation Begins
Excavation Complete Progress as of August 22, 2003 Carpenters Build Formwork
Job Corps Volunteers at Work Placing Concrete for Footing Progress as of August 29, 2003
Photos: August 30-September 12
Job Corps Places Wall Footing Job Corps Places Monument Foundation Job Corps Finishes Concrete
Progress as of September 5, 2003 Job Corps Strips Forms Back Filling Foundations
Korean War Memorial 9-11-2003 D.P.W. Installs Water Tap Progress as of September 12, 2003
Photos: September 13-20
Granite Monument Being Placed The Monument Memorial Wall Base Being Placed
Genduso, Swift, Carroll, Mullaney, Finnegan The Memorial Wall Memorial Wall and Monument
Pedestrians View the Wall Admiring the Wall Progress as of September 18, 2003
Photos: September 21 - October 5
Construction of Stone Walls Begins Stone Walls Liberty Construction Masons Build Wall
Progress as of September 26, 2003 Liberty Construction and Volunteers from Sheriff's Dept. Build Wall Stone Wall Gets Topped Off
South Stone Wall Complete Around the Bend Progress as of October 3, 2003
Photos: October 6 - 20
The Stone Walls Continue Installing the Monument Flagpole The Colors Fly for the First Time
The First Retreat By the Dawn's Early Light... The Memorial Plaza Takes Shape
Progress as of October 10, 2003 Installing Service Flag Bases Progress as of October 17, 2003
Photos: October 21 - 31
Preparing for Sidewalks Liberty Contruction Masons Top Off Wall Old Glory Reaches Skyward
Forms for Sidewalks in Place Progress as of October 24, 2003 The Job Corps Finishes Memorial Plaza
Cement Finishers Diligently Work Job Corps Carpenters Continue Forms Job Corps Finishes More Concrete
Lead Instructor Gives Directions to Job Corps Carpenters Final Cement Finishing at Memorial Plaza Progress as of October 31, 2003
Photos: November 1 - 8
Masons Install Brick Pavers Workers Hurry to Make the Deadline Masons Place Bricks with Care
Remembering Our Veterans Job Corps Volunteer Helps Place Bricks To Those Who Helped So Much
The New Plantings Arrive The Plantings Progress Spreading the Mulch
Planting the Shrubs The Finishing Touches Laying the Sod
Preparing the Flagpoles Raising the Final Pole The Flags Fly for the First Time
The Chairman Thanks His Job Corps Volunteers The Vets Make the Final Push Progress as of November 8, 2003

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