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There is blood on the hills of Korea
Tis the blood of the brave and true.
Where the 25th Brigade battled together
Under the banner of the Red, White and Blue.
As they marched over the fields of Korea
To the hill where the enemy lay.
They remembered the Brigadiers orders:
"These hills must be taken today."
Forward they marched into battle
With faces unsmiling and stern.
They Knew as they charged the hillside
That some would never return.

Some thought of their wives and mothers,
Some thought of their sweethearts so fair
And some as they plodded and stumbled,
Were reverently whispering a prayer.
There is blood on the hills of Korea,
It is the gift of freedom they love,
May their names live in glory forever,
And their souls rest in heaven above.

In the field, Korea
May 29, 1951

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Honor Roll

The above poem was composed by Private Patrick J. O'Connor, a stretcher bearer, Royal Canadian Regt. , attached to the 25th U. S. Infantry Division, who was killed in action in the attack on Hill 466 on May 30, 1951. Pat was of poetry and had just finished his poem "Korea" the night before, little knowing that he had less than 24 hours to live. The poem was found among his personal effects the next day. Pat was in action only five days when he was killed on May 30, 1951.

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