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Korean War Memorial Committee of Central Massachusetts
P.O. Box 16568, Worcester, MA 01601
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Will Meet With Leaders to Discuss Ways to Recognize Sacrifices Made during Korean War

Worcester, Massachusetts, March 29, 2000 -- The Korean War Memorial Committee of Central Massachusetts is reaching out to diverse groups in the state for help in organizing activities to recognize all people who served and sacrificed so much during the Korean War. Tomorrow, March 30th, the Committee will meet with leaders of the Puerto Rican community, and on Saturday, April 1st, the Committee will join distinguished members of the New England Korean Society from both Worcester and Boston at the Seoul Leecci Korean restaurant, 385 Main Street, Worcester.

At tomorrow's meeting at 12:30 p.m., Committee members will join with leaders of the Puerto Rican Community at the Small Business Service Bureau, American Presidential Museum, 5th Floor, 554 Main Street, Worcester. The purpose of the gathering is to seek ways to remember the bravery of the 50,000 Puerto Rican soldiers, who fought so gallantly in the Korean War. Specifically, the Puerto Rican 65th U.S. Army Infantry Regiment was the most highly decorated unit that served in the Korean War.

Meanwhile, at Saturday's dinner, which will begin at 6:30 p.m., the Committee will ask members of the New England Korean Society from Worcester and Boston for their support and ideas for ways to recognize the tremendous sacrifices made by the Korean population during the War.

The Korean War Memorial Committee of Central Mass. is officially sanctioned by the U.S. Department of Defense as a "Commemorative Community" and, as such, has pledged to develop events and activities to remember the dedicated men and women who served in Korea. Scheduled events include a Veterans Tribute and reception on April 30th to be held at 3:00 p.m. at the Main South American Legion Post, a reenactment of the "Call-to-Duty" for the Korean War, and a 50th Anniversary afternoon Public Forum and evening Tribute to be held on September 17, 2000.

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